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Fabric has announced deprecation of their product and their services have been shutdown as of May 4th. Give TPA a try, as your main tool for creating the perfect app.

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We offer a world-class tool

Our tools have been designed for app owners that want to be in control of their apps. It handles everything from a single app to large cooperations with many apps, vendors, and users.

App Management

The app management features of TPA scale from a single app to complex app setups with multiple apps, implemented by multiple vendors and with several tracks for debug, test and release versions.

Testing and Feedback

Testing your apps is one of the most important tasks in order to ensure your app is working. TPA provides easy access to test builds and in-app feedback directly to developers.

Crash handling

TPA handles both fatal crashes and non-fatal issues. We will monitor issues across app versions and notify developers by email or JIRA. Combine stack traces with tracking to locate issues faster.

Live Analytics

Our live analytics engine enables instant visualization of sessions, users and custom tracking. TPA is one of the most live and accurate analytics engines on the market.

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Get strategic insights, extensive data analysis and knowledge of all important aspects of your app

Your data is yours

With TPA your data is always yours. We take every measure to keep it safe and secure while providing you with full access to use it however you want, whenever you want.

  • Secure IBM Cloud data centers in the EU

TPA is running in secure IBM Cloud data centers that are located within the EU. IBM Cloud is one of the most secure public clouds for businesses. Read more.

  • You are in control

As much as we value your data, we also value your app users’ data. Our SDKs let you choose how to track your users. We do not track anything that you do not ask us to.

  • Data is not shared with third-party

Any data that is tracked from your apps are yours to keep. We do not share the data with any third-parties – we do not leverage from your data!

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If you are using Fabric today, you will soon go blind!

Without testing, crash handling, and analytics, you will not have any idea about how your apps are performing. A download in the App Store does not equal a happy user. It is absolutely crucial to gain insights into the use of your apps.

Set up your 30-day free TPA trial account immediately. No credit card needed.

No credit card needed

Create successful apps, bring value to your users and to your business

Manage all your apps

TPA will provide an overview of all your apps and you can manage access to them with users, groups and project roles. Create users in TPA or sync with your Azure Active Directory (Enterprise only).

Each project can have multiple tracks so you can differ between app versions for development, test, and release. TPA can be configured to match your development pipelines.

Fatal and non-fatal issues

Get an overview of all issues in your app. Both fatal and non-fatal issues will affect the happiness of your users and the success of your app.

TPA tracks issues across app versions so that you can see the first version the issue occurred in. Mark issues as resolved and TPA will notify you if the issue occurs again.

Get feedback from testers

Testers can provide feedback directly from your apps so UI and UX issues can be reported immediately to developers and designers. Having an easy and convenient way to provide feedback ensures that more issues can be fixed before app release.

TPA will automatically add relevant system information and correlate feedback with any actions taken in the app.

Live analytics for your KPIs

Set up any dashboard you like. The TPA dashboards are fully configurable: Create as many as you like, show data from one or more apps (iOS, Android, all your apps, etc), customize each dashboard with exactly the information you need to monitor your apps.

Dashboards can show information about stability, performance, users, retention or whatever KPI that is important to your business. And all dashboards can be shared and put on a big screen TV right in your office.

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Our prices depend on a number of variables, including the number of apps and users, and what level of support is needed. Because of the complexity, we would rather chat with you first, understand your needs, and then give you an accurate estimate that fits your demands.

Users15 Additional 50 users + 10GB app storage + 1M Data Points: 100€/Month100 200 additional users: 100€/MonthCustomUnlimited
App storage10GBAdditional 50 users + 10GB app storage + 1M Data Points: 100€/Month100GB 100GB additional app storage: 100€/MonthCustomUnlimited
Data points1M / month Additional 50 users + 10GB app storage + 1M Data Points: 100€/Month5M / month 5M additional Data Points: 100€/Month. Excess Data Points: 50€/2MCustomUnlimited
Data retentions6 months13 months13 monthsUnlimited
Test app distribution[x][x][x][x]
Issue handling[x][x][x][x]
Live analytics[x][x][x][x]
Customizable dashboards[x][x][x][x]
API access[x][x][x][x]
Jira and Slack integration[x][x][x][x]
AD integration[x][x][x]
Custom terms, billing etc.[x][x]
Price100€ / month300€ / monthAsk us300.000€ / year

*) Data points include sessions, remote logs, tracking events and issues

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