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Our Tools

Through years of app development we have developed tools that enable us to deliver faster and in better quality and to monitor the apps that is sent to the app stores.

Our tools will help you in the entire app life cycle

From the first build our TPA tools will assist you to get the best app. Use them to get rid of crashes and ensure optimal performance. Get feedback from testers to make sure new users will understand your app. Implement custom tracking to monitor user engagement and business value KPIs. Building the perfect app is an ongoing process.

App Management

The app management features of TPA scale from a single app to complex app setups with multiple apps, implemented by multiple vendors and with several tracks for debug, test and release versions. You can even add multiple variants of the same app e.g. with different branding. The user and group access management enables you to have complete control of who has access to the apps and which functionalities that shall be enabled.

Testing & User Feedback

Testing your apps in one of the most important tasks in order to ensure your app is working before it is shipped to the AppStore/Google Play. Two levels of test build access enables your developers to test the app even before it is sent to the testers. Testers can download apps from our mobile site, or direct links can be distributed to the testers, enabling easy access to test builds.

Testers can grab a screenshot by shaking the device, make annotations and comments and send it directly to the TPA tools that will notify the developers. This enables quick and easy feedback loop to the developers.

The app distribution functionality can also be used to distribute enterprise apps internally in your organisation.

Crash Handling

Crashes leads to bad reviews, lost users or perhaps a user even looses data. It is absolutely necessary that you use a crash handling system to monitor your app state. Our crash handling system support both fatal issues (the app crashes and shuts down) or non-fata issues – problems that does not crash your app, but may render your app useless. We will monitor crashes across app versions and notify developers by email or JIRA.

For each issue we will combine the data with any custom tracking in order to make it easier for the developer to reproduce it.

Live Analytics

Our live analytics engine enables instant visualization of sessions, users and custom tracking – it does not get any more live than this. Apps sends data is send periodically and is available for your dashboards only seconds after we have received it.

Raw analytics data can be exported for your manual processing, or you can create any number of fully customizable dashboards. For each dashboard you choose which apps you want to include and which data and how you want to see it. Adapt it to your specific KPIs to monitor them in real time.

Premium features for handling of all your apps

TPA runs on a secure setup and all data is owned by you

TPA can handle any number of apps and provide you with a great overview and full control of user and group access

Download test apps directly from our mobile site

Integrate with Azure AD, JIRA and Slack

Set up fully customisable dashboards, that can be shared with anyone

We are always open for a chat to answer your questions

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you want to know more about our services or our tools.

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